Our Cemeteries

Liberty Township has a total of 6 cemeteries: Channel Cemetery, Concord Cemetery, Hancock Cemetery, Lake Cemetery, Liberty Church Cemetery, and Morehead Cemetery. Only Concord and Liberty Church Cemeteries have grave sites available for sale. 

A cemetery with many headstones and flowers.
A tree in the middle of a field under cloudy skies.


The price of a cemetery grave is dependent upon the buyer being a resident or non-resident of Liberty Township. A resident is defined as a person who currently resides within the township, or who can document having previously resided within the township for at least 5 years. At the time of internment, a grave or cremation opening /closing cost will be charged. Grave prices and opening/closing costs will be set and annually reviewed by the township trustees.


  • Grave - $700 Weekdays/$800 Weekends
  • Cremation - $225.00 Weekdays/$300.00 Weekends

The above-stated fees will be reduced by 50% for the opening/closing of an infant's (less than 1 year of age) burial.

Price of Cemetery Grave

  • Resident - $600.00 per grave
  • Non-Resident - $950.00 per grave

*Prices are subject to change annually. All fees apply to both the old and new sections of each cemetery.

A forest with trees and sunlight shining through.

Burial Procedures

No burials will take place on Sundays or on the observance day of these national holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Each casket will be enclosed in a vault. Each cremation will be enclosed in a secondary sealed container. One casket may be interred on one grave. Up to 4 cremations may be interred in one grave. Two cremations may be interred over (above) a previous casket interment.

No person or persons other than Liberty Township Employees or a designated contractor by the Board of Trustees shall excavate any earth, lay or remove any sod, alter the grade of any grave within the cemeteries, either on or about his own grave or the grave of others, or plant, remove or trim any tree or shrub.

Headstone/Monument Regulations

Each grave is allowed one headstone or monument. The headstone/monument, including a military marker not attached to the headstone/monument, must have a concrete foundation, a minimum of 30 inches deep. The headstone/monument foundation will be parallel to and near the upper lot line of the grave. The top of a foundation will be below mowing level and extend a minimum of two inches beyond all sides of the headstone/ monument. Military markers may be installed at the foot of the grave, below mowing level, parallel to and near the lower lot line (minimum requirement). The Township recommends a military marker be attached to the headstone/ monument. In the case of multiple cremation interments, military markers will be at the foot of the urn.

A cemetery with many headstones and trees.
A cemetery with many headstones and flowers on the ground.

Grave Decoration Procedures

All grave decorations and flowers should be positioned near the front and or sides, but not the rear, of the grave headstone/ monument. Decorations should be well-maintained or removed. Decorations may not contain any glass items. No trees or shrubs may be planted. Liberty Township reserves the right to remove any decorations that are prohibited, become unsightly or hinder cemetery maintenance.
Liberty Township is not responsible for any theft damage, vandalism, or settling of monuments, nor for any theft, damage, or vandalism to grave decorations.

Cemetery hours are dawn to dusk or as otherwise posted.

***Note: The Liberty Township Board of Trustees has the right to waive the fees and any Rules and Regulations due to an economic hardship and/or extenuating circumstances.

​Adopted: 01/07      Revised: 02-08-2021 

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