Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan

Our Public Engagement Phase is now complete (5/15/2024)!

All of your thoughts and ideas will now be leveraged to develop the plan!

Stay Tuned!


Since January, 2024, we have collected input from:

  • Our Trustee Kick-Off Meeting
  • Our Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee (multiple meetings throughout the process)
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Our Planning Survey (Survey #1) (nearly 300 respondents)
  • Our In-Person Public Engagement #1 (February 27th) (over 120 people showed up and provided their input)
  • Our In-Person Open House Public Engagement #2 (April 30th) (again, 120 people showed up and provided their input)
  • Our Planning Survey (Survey #2) (nearly 150 respondents)

What is the Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan?

The Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan is a process to set the long-term direction for Liberty Township that reflects the community’s values and priorities. The Township is faced with significant change and the comprehensive planning process will provide a path to effectively managing that change. Liberty Township is uniquely poised to take advantage of a wave of planning and collaboration happening throughout Licking County to create a community led plan that ensures the township will continue to thrive for future generations.

The planning process will be used to identify goals for land use and related desired polices, programs, and projects over the next ten years. It will determine implementable strategies that will allow the community to leverage its many assets and address its greatest challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions